When someone mentions “video interviewing,” do you
immediately think Skype, Zoom or FaceTime?

While these are wonderful tools for connecting with friends and family, they really don’t unlock the full power of video for recruitment purposes.

Of course, technology will never entirely remove people from
the hiring equation. But, by using video interviewing tools that have been especially
designed for the HR professional, you can greatly enhance in-person interviews.

Here’s a look at how the latest video tools will help you
narrow your candidate pool quickly, while selecting the best person for the

Refine candidate pool with video interviewing

Receiving a large number of resumes in response to a job
posting can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have lots of
options, but let’s be honest: many of the applicants are likely not suited for
the position. 

Hiring managers spend a tremendous amount of time conducting
preliminary telephone interviews, struggling to schedule a mutually beneficial
time for the call and draining energy by repeatedly asking the same questions.

Phone interview fatigue is real, and the worst part is, there are usually more unqualified applicants than qualified ones. Candidates are sent a link to record the answers to your list of interview questions whenever it’s convenient for them. Hiring managers review the recorded videos as time allows, so there’s no phone tag to arrange an interview time – and zero no-shows either.

Pre-recorded video interviews also save recruiters headspace by eliminating monotonous question asking. By switching to video interviews in the preliminary hiring stage, only applicants with the most potential are invited for an in-person interview.

Find the best person – regardless of location

You want to hire the absolute best person for the job, and
sometimes that’s someone who lives outside of your city – or even your country.
Maybe you’re considering offering them remote work, or maybe the individual
would relocate if hired.

Either way, pre-recorded video interviews allow hiring
managers to overcome the challenges of interviewing people in different
geographical areas and time zones. 

There’s no need for recruiters and applicants to be
physically together in the same room for an informative interview to take
place. Recruiters can watch the recorded answers on their own time, which
allows them to focus on other HR priorities.

But, video interviews save more than time. They can cut
travel costs substantially compared to conventional recruitment techniques.

Collaboration with the hiring team 

Some video interviewing platforms allow for more visibility
and collaboration among all those involved in the hiring process. Instead of
everyone setting time out of their schedules to meet with job-seeking
individuals, the pre-recorded videos can be shared with anyone in your

This way, recruiters can seek other people’s opinions and achieve a more rounded assessment of applicants. 

In live video interviewing, hiring decision-makers can chat privately in real-time, asking questions or making observations about candidate responses. This, of course, is impossible to do during in-person interviews, where you may want to remain circumspect.

No one can voice their opinions until after the interview
concludes, and even then, there can be debate among peers. Video interviews can
be re-watched, removing ambiguity. 

Whether it’s a pre-recorded or live video interview,
technology allows everyone involved in the hiring process to make better
informed assessments before the final in-person interviews. Everyone is already
acquainted with the applicants before they arrive, so no one is going into the
interview unprepared.

Video interviewing: Making in-person interviews count

Video interviews do a fantastic job eliminating applicants
who aren’t well-suited for the position, giving you greater confidence that the
final in-person interviews are worth everyone’s time. The people who arrive for
an in-person interview have already been vetted and identified as the most
promising candidates.

By introducing video interviewing into your hiring process,
you can save time, money, and your sanity—all while recruiting top talent.

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