Sunday December 8, 2019

In the age of legal weed, new breath tests show promise for employers

Employers have never had accurate drug testing options to determine when an employee might have ingested marijuana and, therefore, if they are likely to still be impaired. So most employers have policies that impose a maximum penalty for any positive test for the drug. New “breathalyzer” tests slated for release in 2020 use advanced tech […]

Turn good employees into great entrepreneurs – and solve your toughest business challenges

When we think of innovation, we think of big ideas, sharp skills, thinking outside of the box and pursuing unique challenges. Even more often, we associate these events and habits as acts of great entrepreneurs or expert technologists, and not applicable within a defined position or previously chosen career path. But by limiting our thinking, […]

Why great workplaces begin with great onboarding

It all begins with great onboarding. It really does. The most efficient organizations aren’t necessarily those that have the best procedures. Instead, organizations that do great onboarding in the first 90 days can get people to work together more productively and get each member of a team to do his or her best more often. […]

11 pro tips for the best corporate holiday party – ever

Looking to wow your employees with a unique and exciting corporate holiday party that will be the talk of the company into the New Year? If corporate holiday party planning is in your purview, never fear! Even the most novice event planners can look like seasoned pros by following a few universal rules for hosting […]

Tap the talent pool of youth with ‘impact hiring’

The quest to hire entry level employees – and retain them – is one of the toughest recruiting challenges HR professionals are facing.  The current unemployment rate is at an historic low, and with more than 7 million job openings across the U.S., far too many positions are going unfilled. At the same time, there […]

Big Four accounting firm called to account for sexist ‘training’ seminar

Women looking to make their mark in leadership roles at Ernst & Young (EY) were given jarringly sexist professional advice during a training seminar the Big Four accounting firm sponsored last year in New Jersey. With the #MeToo movement in full swing, the women who attended the June 2018 event were told the female brain […]

5 steps to help employees adjust to technology changes

New technology changes can have a positive impact not just on how people work, but on your office culture as well. But sometimes technology changes can intimidate and alienate employees who are comfortable working in traditional systems and procedures, and have trouble adjusting. It’s normal for workers to at first be apprehensive to big changes […]

5 reasons firms are switching to biometric time clocks – should you?

Biometric time clock systems are gaining popularity with businesses all over the world. This type of time clock system has the potential to save time and money and make it simpler to track hourly employees. Does that mean you should switch to using a biometric solution to track employee time? What are biometric time clocks? […]

Recruiting trends in 2020: 6 tactics you’ll want to sharpen up on

Business success depends on a variety of factors, and the recruiting trend landscape is no exception. An analysis of today’s market suggests an economy shaped by several factors, including a gig economy that continues to expand, and a skills gap bemoaned by many HR professionals. What’s shaping recruiting trends? The unemployment rate hovers at a […]

Keys to promote mental health awareness and ease employee stress

Though health insurance coverage for mental health has steadily improved in recent years,  experts say support for mental health awareness in the workplace hasn’t kept pace. Here’s why that’s notable: More than 200 million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year ($16.8 billion in employee productivity). Three in five employees say they’ve never […]