2017 was a big year for news in general, but here are the most popular HR Morning stories of the year. 

Our most-clicked stories appear first:

  • Watch out for these 8 workplace bully personality types. Bullying can have a negative impact on your business: Decreased productivity, absenteeism and high turnover. Here are the best defenses against common types of bullies.
  • FMLA lawsuit: 7 stupid words that could cost this employer big. A justifiable firing — with documented evidence of the employee’s poor performance — went off the rails when the employer made one comment about the worker’s medical leave request.
  • 6 words turned age bias lawsuit into a $922K payout. One thing never to do? Try to bribe or threaten an employee that’s suing you. As this employer found out, it can really cost you.
  • 10 signs your workplace culture is toxic (and how to fix it). Is there gossiping or bullying at your workplace? Are your employees workaholics? It may be time to ask your workers how you can make the office a better place.
  • ADA lawsuit: Can you force an unstable employee to see a doctor? If an employee is exhibiting erratic behavior that affects their work, can you make them get evaluated, or is that discrimination? See what a court said.
  • 4 ways managers screw up progressive discipline. A policy is only as good as those who enforce it. Here are common pitfalls managers encounter when trying to discipline employers, and how to avoid them.
  • Game-changing ruling on marijuana has major implications for HR pros everywhere. Things can get tricky when state and federal marijuana laws collide. But, there are instances when you may have to accommodate an employee’s use of medical marijuana, even if it goes against your policy.
  • Trump issues ACA executive order: The fallout for employers. Though Trump made it clear he wanted to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, his executive order didn’t change the fact that employers still needed to prepare to comply with ACA reporting requirements.
  • 3 things managers can’t say after FMLA requests. Don’t put your foot in your mouth! Here are three cases where managers handled FMLA requests the exact wrong way.
  • Study: What HR actually does vs. what employees expect HR to do. A study by Paychex compares HR’s duties to beliefs employees have about those duties. It also lists the top complaints about HR’s performance.

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