Good news for those closely following the health reform law’s journey through the legal system:

The Supreme Court has agreed to release audio recordings and transcripts of oral arguments from its hearings regarding the challenges to the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law’s individual mandate.

The high court said it would release the recordings on the days the hearings occur due to what it called “extraordinary public interest.”

The court has scheduled three days of hearings from March 26 through March 28.

Requests, however, were rejected from C-SPAN and members of Congress to allow video recordings of the arguments.

So the best those wanting to watch or listen to the proceedings will get are same-day audio recordings, which are scheduled to be released around 2 p.m. on March 26 and 27, and 4 p.m. March 28.

The recordings will be available on the court’s website:

The schedule for the hearings looks like this:

  • March 26 — the court will hear arguments on whether the Anti-Injunction Act bars the court from taking up the issue of the individual mandate’s constitutionality until it kicks in (which is slated to happen in 2014).
  • March 27 — the court will hear arguments on whether the mandate is constitutional.
  • March 28 — the court will hear arguments on whether the rest of the reform law can stand if the individual mandate is struck down.

Rulings are expected by the end of June.


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