Every HR pro knows an employee’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. And when employees aren’t getting what they need, their work suffers. 
One of the main things that negatively contributes to employee mental health? Feelings of isolation and loneliness in the workplace. And thanks to more reliance on technology, employees are feeling lonelier than ever.

In fact, Future Workplace’s 2018 Global Work Connectivity study found more than half of those surveyed often felt lonely due to very little face to face interaction.

Facilitating communication

Luckily, there are simple ways you can help your people combat feelings of loneliness, straight from entrepreneur Amy Vetter.

1. Communicate in person. The next time you’re about to send an email, try taking a walk to the person’s desk instead. This will remind the employee you like interacting with them face to face.

2. Keep in touch with remote workers. Employees who work offsite often are the ones who feel most disconnected. Get everyone together via a virtual hangout to touch base and encourage socialization.

3. Organize social activities. To encourage friendships between some of your more solitary workers, try throwing team lunches or other out of office activities. Your employees will be able to relax and bond with the colleagues they don’t always get the chance to talk to.

4. Celebrate achievements. With your employees working hard on their own things, it can be tough for them to know what their colleagues are up to. By celebrating great work with the whole office, people won’t feel so isolated anymore.

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