When it comes to managing your company’s talent, are you on top of these four issues?    

The folks at Silk Road recently surveyed 3,700 talent management and HR professionals to get to the bottom of what’s in the way of handling talent correctly.

The four biggest problems?

1. Implementing integrated HR tech

We’re as wary of new technology that “solves everything” as the next guy or girl. But, according to Silk Road, talent management can be easier with the right tech — and a lot harder without it.

Nearly 60% of HR pros say that lack of consistent data and analytics are the biggest talent management problems that result when HR functions aren’t integrated.

Most survey respondents say they’ve integrated two HR functions with technology: recruiting and onboarding. Beyond that, though, HR has been much slower than departments such as payroll in getting tech on its side.

2. Getting accurate data for a clear picture of the company

Almost 55% of HR pros say that accessing data is a top priority. That’s a problem, though, because it appears many HR pros don’t have access to as much data as they’d like.

Respondents noted that they wished they could see:

  • data showing the cost or business impact of HR processes.
  • data on what makes an exceptional and excellent workforce.
  • skills and abilities of all current employees—so that an open position could be “mapped” to internal candidates who are a close match
  • compensation analytics
  • workforce planning and succession planning
  • data for tracking employee engagement over time
  • data on retention and turnover, and
  • greater integration between recruitment, learning and performance data.

3. Converting data-driven insights into strategy

Without access to data, many HR pros fear they aren’t able to stay on top of compliance and training.

Proof: More than 60% of respondents say they can’t stay on top of evolving compliance laws. And nearly 50% say they think employees are going untrained.

4. Securing a business role on leadership teams so that HR is recognized and valued.

Whether it’s talent management or any other issue, it seems like HR’s woes always come down to the classic question: How can HR pros get that elusive seat at the table?

Those surveyed said the best ways to make that happen regarding talent management are to:

  • use common business indicators such as employee productivity, performance and company revenue
  • keep metrics
  • survey employees constantly, and
  • involve upper management in decisions.

Check out the full infographic below:

Talent management

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