Do your coworkers drive you crazy sometimes? We all have coworkers who occasionally, or frequently, drive us up a wall. But, effectively dealing with the difficult behaviors of coworkers heralds your maturity and competence as a valued, contributing employee at work. And, who wouldn’t want to have this powerfully positive reputation?

What Coworker Behavior Drives You Crazy?

Most people have pet peeves about their coworkers. And, why not? Even relatively sane and likeable people do things that can drive their coworkers to distraction.

People miss work; they miss deadlines. Some people are perpetually late for meetings. They dress unprofessionally: in one client company, a customer service representative wears crumpled cotton capris and beachwear to work everyday and wonders why no new opportunity appears on her horizon.

In another, a manager talks down to employees and acts as if he is the only one contributing to accomplishing work. In still another, an employee, who regularly interacts with the public at trade shows, decided to grow long hair and a beard and wear jeans to trade shows.

An otherwise valued employee at another company spoils her boss’s day three times a week by repeatedly asking for a raise when the company is not giving raises.

In some organizations, bad boss behavior is legendary. (Be sure to read the comments.) Hundreds of readers have weighed in about their bad boss’s behaviors. (Sometimes though, in defense of bosses, a new boss is assigned a dysfunctional team or a new manager receives no training in how to be an effective boss.)

Ten Best Tips

Every workplace has different stories about employee behavior that can drive others crazy. These are my ten best tips about dealing with difficult people at work. Check them out.

Is the behavior that most drives you crazy on the list? If not, add yours in “comments” below. Please take the time to vote in the poll.

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