The state’s exports are helping to sustain and create many Texas jobs.

Gov. Rick Perry recently announced that Texas was the number one exporting state in the nation for the eighth year in a row during 2009. Texas’ strong economic environment – which is created by low taxes, a reasonable and predictable regulatory climate, and a skilled and educated workforce – were credited for the state’s achievement.

“Texas leads the nation in so many positive categories, from Fortune 500 companies to job creation, and we owe it to our citizens to continue our economic success by adhering to our proven fiscal disciplines,” Perry said during the North Houston Economic Outlook Annual Symposium.

“Our principled leadership has created an environment that allows us to compete for jobs, investment and business, and defend the economic climate that has made Texas the top exporting state in the nation for the eighth straight year,” he continued.

All of the exports from Texas brought in more than $163 billion last year. The top export recipients were Mexico at $56 billion, Canada at $13.7 billion, China at $8.9 billion, the Netherlands at $6 billion and Korea at $5.3 billion.

The top exporting industries during 2009 were: computers and electronics, chemicals, machinery, petroleum and coal, and transportation equipment.

Officials have credited the Texas Enterprise Fund with helping to attract businesses, jobs and investment to the state, and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund with moving millions of dollars through the Houston Technology Center into young companies whose technologies began in university laboratories around the state.

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