It’s been quite a year for HR professionals. Here’s a breakdown on the stories that got the most attention in 2015.  

1. Dealing with acidic attitudes: Help for your managers

Every workplace has negative people who erode morale. They’re not always easy to pick out of a crowd, but they can do an amazing amount of damage over time.  Read more

2. Docking pay for exempt employees: What’s allowed?

Don’t feel bad if you have trouble understanding the pay-docking rules laid out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The regs are pretty murky.  Read more

3. Handling tricky questions in FMLA intermittent leave

It’s a given: Intermittent FMLA leave is a giant thorn in the side of HR people everywhere. But not all intermittent leave requests are equal. Here’s a look at some of the most common scenarios, and how to handle them.  Read more

4. DOL quietly drops big news on new overtime rules

The DOL’s been pretty quiet about what it’s doing behind the scenes about changing the overtime exemption rules and salary threshold. But it has finally spoken.   Read more

5. ‘Bob, you smell’: What to say to employees about embarrassing personal issues

Everybody dreads having those “difficult conversations” with employees about personal issues. Here are some examples of how they can be handled gracefully — including the actual words to use.  Read more

6. Watch out for these 8 workplace bully personality types

Workplace bullies have always been on the scene. But they’re now being recognized as productivity killers and potential legal threats to employers. Read more

8. The firing checklist every HR pro should use

Firing staff members is stressful – which is why so many HR pros sometimes hurry the process along to get it over with. But that’s a big mistake.  Read more

9. 7 warning signs a great employee’s about to quit

We all want to hold onto our best, brightest employees. And sometimes, a key component of that retention effort is being able to recognize when they’re trying to locate greener pastures and finding ways to increase their loyalty.   Read more

10. The 5 funniest HR Morning stories … ever

Between the Supreme Court’s landmark Obamacare and same-sex marriage rulings — plus the DOL’s official release of its new overtime exemption rules — it’s been an intense month for HR pros. So we’ve decided to lighten the mood. Enjoy these gems.   Read more


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