Maybe you’ve seen candidates pick their nose or wear a t-shirt. But these applicants take the cake for most bizarre behavior during an interview.

Alison Green over at The Fast Track polled readers for their strangest interview experiences. Here are the top 10:

  1. An interviewer had a clearly high candidate show up in shorts and flip-flops. When asked about a two-year gap in his resume, he said he was starring in a popular TV show. The only problem: He wasn’t.
  2. Another candidate showed up right from the pool, dripping wet in a strapless romper — even though the interview had been scheduled for a week.
  3. When asked why the applicant was applying for the open position, she said she had, “nothing better to do.”
  4. A candidate was dealt the dreaded, “What’s your worst quality?” question. Her response: “I’m kind of unreliable.” The applicant didn’t get the job.
  5. A female interviewer was sitting down with a male candidate. He responded to every question with, “Oh, baby …” or, “Well, pretty girl …” The interviewer asked him to stop — and he got offended.
  6. During a group interview, an applicant managed to offend every employee present, insinuating that one of the interviewer’s should have been in high school with her son and noting that another one had a bad haircut. Not only did she also offend the receptionist, but she came out told the interviewers (who work for a non-profit) that she didn’t believe in their mission — but she’d give it a try if she was hired.
  7. During a phone interview, one hiring manager noticed a candidate’s voice tone change for a couple minutes, followed by the sound of a flushing toilet. The applicant had been going the bathroom during the phone call.
  8. Toward the end of the interview process, another applicant realized he wouldn’t be getting the job. When the hiring manager left the room for a bit and returned later, it smelled awful. That’s because the candidate had defecated in a potted plant.
  9. When asked, “What’s been the biggest challenge that’s unexpectedly taken up a lot of your time in the past three months?” a candidate responded with, “breastfeeding.”
  10. A company was interviewing for an open intern position, and one candidate showed up with donuts — then wouldn’t leave. Company officials assumed he wanted to be interviewed on the spot. The hiring manager did eventually schedule an interview with him — only to later find out that the reason the guy wanted the job was to make connections as he wanted to start his own business one day and planned to steal the company’s clients.

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