Sometimes it seems like an impossible task: keeping so many different types of employees happy and working hard. So what actually works for most companies?

The folks over at Yast have compiled some research to help point you in the right direction — and no, it doesn’t involve raises and bonuses for everyone.


As you know, keeping your workforce happy is a stellar way to increase retention rates and lower turnover numbers.

So why do employees stay with their companies?

  • 80% enjoy the work
  • 76% say it’s a good work-life fit
  • 63% feel connected to the organization, and
  • 57% feel like they’re making a difference.

Job security plays a big role as well: 70% of workers who feel their jobs are secure report that they’re happy at work. And 65% say job security is “very important” for their satisfaction levels, beating out things like benefits, recognition and relationship with supervisor.

Rewards and recognition

it also shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that staffers want to be acknowledged for their hard work — and occasionally rewarded. Some relevant findings include that:

  • 79% of employees want end-of-year rewards
  • 55% of staffers said $25 at the end of the year would make their holidays brighter, and
  • 85% of workers said $100 would meet their expectations for a reward.

And even if your managers are doing a fine job thanking their staffers for a job well done, encourage them to try even harder: Over 60% of employees said they’d work harder  if they were better recognized at work.

Check out the full infographic with more info on making employees happy, courtesy of Yast, below:

What Makes an Employee Happy?

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