With the right job posting, you might find the perfect candidates who can take your firm to the next level. With the wrong one, you could potentially end up in court.  

Here are three tips on what to avoid in a job posting, courtesy of Findlaw:

Avoid gender-specific language. It seems obvious that jobs like “mailman” and “waitress” aren’t limited to applicants of one gender.
But you could still get in trouble for using gender-specific language like that.
Keep things neutral (“server” or “mailperson”) and you’ll stay safe.
If your workforce is unbalanced, don’t try to fix it with a discriminatory ad.
The makeup of your workforce should reflect the diversity of the area where you’re located.
If it doesn’t, do not under any circumstances seek out applicants of a specific race or natural origin to balance the scales.
Instead, try postings that reach a wider group – while also noting that you accept applications from everyone.
Be careful of internal recruiting. Referrals can be one of the best ways to find quality applicants.
But there’s a lurking danger in using referrals too much: bias.
Sticking mainly to referrals means that your open job might reach a disproportionate number of people of a particular race, religion, etc. Use other recruitment methods in addition to word-of-mouth recruiting to get a good mix of candidates.


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