Do your employees know how much you love them? Okay, perhaps that’s a bit strong. But today is the day to express love, respect and appreciation to those who matter to us.

In the work environment, shying away from “love” would likely be wise (especially in today’s litigious environment). But we shouldn’t pass up on this opportunity to show employees how much we respect them and value their efforts.

In that spirit, here are three tips for sharing the love with your employees on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Instead of an impersonal greeting card, send a note of appreciation that specifically acknowledges the attributes of the person or their achievements that have contributed to the success of the team, the customer or the company.
  2. Instead of unhealthy chocolates, celebrate the success of the team with a meal together.
  3. Instead of scent-less, out of season roses, let the employee choose what would be a personally meaningful and culturally relevant reward for their efforts.

As with the significant others in our lives, don’t limit expressions of your appreciation and esteem to one day of the year. Be sure to share the love throughout the year so your colleagues always know they are valued, appreciated and respected for their work and results.

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