Sunday October 22, 2017

How to Turn Leaders into Heroes

The most important step is for leaders to step out of their comfort zones and ask the most difficult questions. This may not be intuitive, however it’s crucial for success. As a leader, you must encourage team members to pose the answers to these questions without fear of reprimand and victimization. Then, once you’ve collaborated […]

Former DOL admin: 4 risky pay practices the feds have a field day with

With the DOL’s overtime changes under construction, some employers are putting pay-process reviews on the back burner, but that could be a very costly mistake.   There are plenty of risky payroll practices employers may not even know could put them at risk for wage-and-hour violations. At the 2017 SHRM Conference & Exposition, former DOL […]

Critical compliance changes for next year: An open enrollment checklist

As HR pros immerse themselves in negotiating plan changes for this year’s open enrollment, it’s critical to keep these new 2018 regulation changes front and center.  To help, here’s a checklist of changes you’ll need to be aware of when making plan-design moves: 1. Mental Health Parity reg changes enforced Beginning on January 1, 2018, […]

Study: What HR actually does vs. what employees expect HR to do

Ask employees and HR pros what the Human Resources department actually does, and you’re liable find some common beliefs and some major differences. That’s what a recent study by Paychex uncovered. The study polled both employees and HR specialists about the roles and responsibilities of the HR department. Here’s the breakdown of what employees expect […]

Friendly court reminder: Policies can’t stop workers from talking about pay

By now, most savvy companies know they can’t bar employees from discussing such things as salaries and working conditions. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some companies out there that try to do it anyway.  Worker spoke up, was disciplined Take the recent case of Banner Health System, which had adopted a Confidentiality Agreement, identifying […]

Was $666 raise given to label union-organizer the Antichrist?

Another day, another court battle centered around a non-union employer that allegedly retaliated against employees who successfully launched a union-organizing campaign. Was giving them sub-par raises of $666 an “unmistakable” attempt to brand the organizers the AntiChrist or the Devil. As strange as the above sentence sounds, it’s the basis for an actual court case […]

Trump administration deals major blow to ACA contraceptive coverage regs

There’s no doubt the Trump administration’s latest move will weaken the Obamacare contraceptive coverage regs. There is, however, some major debates over just who is likely to be affected by such changes. The agencies responsible for implementing ACA regs and guidance (HHS, DOL and Treasury) just released two interim final rules that would essentially make […]

The Human Resources Management Kit October 2017

The Human Resources Management Kit – October 2017 brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Human Resources Management related decisions. Learn more!  Tweet This Post

10 signs your workplace culture is toxic (and how to fix it)

It’s a hard thing to admit … that your work culture may be toxic. But identifying the symptoms and finding the antidotes for them can quickly improve morale, engagement, retention and productivity. Let’s get started.  Here to help is Ross Kimbarovsky, founder and CEO of crowdspring, who has some unique insights into the signs of […]

Spotlight on equal pay: What your peers are doing to prevent a Google situation

Employers are well aware pay discrepancies between genders could come back to haunt them. As a result, many are taking proactive steps to make sure they prevent or address any problems before it’s too late.  A recent WorldatWork report revealed that 60% of HR pros currently monitor their processes for pay equity issues. What’s more, […]