Saturday September 22, 2018

ACLU sues Facebook for discriminatory job ads

Facebook is in hot water once again — this time, for job ads targeting exclusively men for roles such as police officers, truck drivers and sports store clerks. The ACLU lodged a complaint against the social media giant — as well as 10 employers that used Facebook to post ads — on behalf of three female […]

Staying compliant during natural disasters: Pay, leave questions answered

The arrival of Hurricane Florence — and the dreaded aftermath — has a lot of employers wondering about HR challenges that come along with natural disasters. FLSA and FMLA compliance is a big concern at times like this, and employment lawyer Kara Maciel answered some common questions HR pros have when disaster strikes. Wage and […]

Sixth Circuit: High standard to prove employees are similarly situated

A recent ruling by the Sixth Circuit shows when it comes to discrimination lawsuits, the standard is pretty high for proving the employees who received differential treatment are actually similarly situated.  When a company fired Ramona DeBra for indiscretions younger workers weren’t punished for, she filed an age discrimination lawsuit. But she had trouble showing […]

Update from feds: DOL releases opinion letters regarding FMLA, FLSA

It was a busy week for the DOL — not only did the agency release a new set of FMLA forms for employers, but it wrote four opinion letters addressing several FMLA and FLSA concerns.  As far as the forms go, the only thing that changed is the expiration date. The updated FMLA forms are […]

Don’t press send! 7 email faux pas you want to avoid

Email is unavoidable in the workplace, and the amount of messages filling up employees’ inboxes can be annoying and intimidating.  These days, practically anyone is able to contact you via email (and you can do the same). Because of this, it’s becoming a challenge to get people to answer your emails in a timely manner. […]

6 tactics to stop promising candidates from disappearing on you

In this tight labor market, the war for talent wages on – and you may be feeling like your biggest adversaries are your own promising candidates.  More and more job applicants are disappearing during the interview process, ignoring your calls or simply not showing up after accepting offers – otherwise known as “ghosting.” Role reversal […]

Nike bolsters wages of 7K staffers to close pay gap: Will other firms follow its lead?

Nike just joined an increasing number of employers that are making sweeping pay changes in an effort to close the gaps between male and female employees’ paychecks and prevent bias problems down the road.  The athletic retail giant handed out raises to 7,000 employees – roughly 10% of its staff – to achieve competitive pay […]

3 ideas to liven up your one-on-one meetings

There’s nothing wrong with having business talks or brainstorming sessions while sitting in an office, but it can get old after a while.  The formality of meeting with a colleague in an office can cause the conversation to be stiff or superficial, which doesn’t typically lead to the most productive or creative discussions. But […]

Court ruling adds confusion to handling medical marijuana in the workplace

Just when HR pros were starting to get a feel for where courts stand regarding medical marijuana in the workplace, a New Jersey court handed down a surpising ruling on the subject.  In Cotto v. Ardagh Glass Packing, Daniel Cotto sued his former company, Ardagh Glass, over his refusal to take mandatory drug test that was […]

How letting an employee drink juice on the job could’ve saved this company $700K

Most employers would be happy to deal with an accommodation request that was as simple as keeping a bottle of juice nearby.  But one company refused to bend its rules about eating or drinking on the job, resulting in a costly legal battle and payout. No juice allowed Linda Atkins, a type II diabetic, was […]