Tuesday October 15, 2019

5 reasons firms are switching to biometric time clocks – should you?

Biometric time clock systems are gaining popularity with businesses all over the world. This type of time clock system has the potential to save time and money and make it simpler to track hourly employees. Does that mean you should switch to using a biometric solution to track employee time? What are biometric time clocks? […]

Recruiting trends in 2020: 6 tactics you’ll want to sharpen up on

Business success depends on a variety of factors, and the recruiting trend landscape is no exception. An analysis of today’s market suggests an economy shaped by several factors, including a gig economy that continues to expand, and a skills gap bemoaned by many HR professionals. What’s shaping recruiting trends? The unemployment rate hovers at a […]

Keys to promote mental health awareness and ease employee stress

Though health insurance coverage for mental health has steadily improved in recent years,  experts say support for mental health awareness in the workplace hasn’t kept pace. Here’s why that’s notable: More than 200 million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year ($16.8 billion in employee productivity). Three in five employees say they’ve never […]

Employer 529 plans: A benefit that strikes at the heart of student debt

You’ve probably heard about America’s $1.5 trillion student debt problem. It’s no secret the strain of student loan obligations has led some to put off buying homes, starting families and pursuing their dreams. If a recent Price-Waterhouse financial wellness survey is any indication, it’s also probably getting in the way of productivity at the workplace. […]

How to bridge the soft skills gap when recruiting millennials

If you’re not getting the “soft skills” you need when hiring college grads, it could be your approach to interviewing needs to change. We asked human resource and hiring experts to talk about the perceived lack of “soft skills” in college graduates. They didn’t point to where college curriculums or internships are letting future employers […]

Execs say hiring takes too long as competition for talent intensifies

According to a recent study, 97% of executives expect to see increased competition for talent over the next 12 months. That’s the view shared by thousands of business executives who responded to business consultant Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Study. And, the study found, more than half of executives from high-growth companies – 52% – […]

Transitioning to a continuous performance process: 3 keys to success

As the HR profession evolves, it continues finding innovative ways of tackling traditional problems. Unfortunately in some areas, such as Performance Management, we open our toolkit and pull out the same old solutions. For many years HR has been trapped stuck on a hamster wheel of annual reviews supported by one-to-one check-ins and coaching sessions […]

‘Just text me’: New way to interview

Having trouble hiring? Who isn’t, with the tight job market, being ghosted by candidates and just the complete overhaul in the hiring process the last several years? And now there’s a new hiring practice: Job interviews by texting. If you adhere to certain guidelines, interviews by texting can be a really useful, and convenient, tool […]

Bank of America pays $4.2M to settle federal discrimination probe

Bank of America has agreed to pay $4.2 million after the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs reportedly found evidence of hiring discrimination practices in past years, according to published reports. The OFCCP alleged that African Americans, Hispanics and women were discriminated against when applying for phone representative, client service, mortgage underwriter, […]

Firms expanding employee wellness programs: How do you stack up?

Faced with rising costs and continuing struggles to engage employees with their benefits, U.S. employers are redesigning their benefit strategy to better meet employee needs, according to a new survey by Willis Towers Watson. The survey found employers are looking to place greater emphasis on employee wellness, broader benefit packages and use of new technologies […]