In today’s job market, there are a lot of employers competing for the best talent — including those superstars who currently work for you. That makes it paramount that your managers do everything possible to retain your best workers. 

Some missteps that can drive talent away? These communication fumbles by your managers:

1. Failing to take their pulse

A good manager knows how to gather employee feedback, and a great manager knows how to act on that input.

The problem is, not all managers stop to take the temperature of their workers – let alone respond to what they find.

By requesting employee feedback and responding in a timely fashion, employees will feel they’re included in your company’s day-to-day decision-making process.

2. Giving a dead-end perspective

Failing to communicate a clear career path will cause your most talented individuals to feel like they’re in a dead end.

And what you want is for your workers to feel like they’re growing with the business.

As a result, managers must meet with them frequently to show how they can advance.

3. Being invisible

Of course, managers keeping their office doors closed can lead to real communication breakdowns.

But even with an open-door policy, your employees might not feel comfortable approaching your managers if it seems management only cares when there’s a problem.

Managers need to make an effort to interact with staffers on a regular basis to avoid the perception that company leadership’s inaccessible.

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