With each passing day, the HR industry is under more pressure to get things right. That’s why it’s so essential to keep abreast of what’s new in the marketplace and where HR tech tools are heading. 

Different tools and applications for recruiters and HR are more valuable than never. Hundreds of platforms have been created to improve productivity and to automate HR processes. We have compiled a list of 7 super HR tech tools that will definitely make their lives easier.

Ready? Let’s get started

Textio Hire

This application solves the problem that almost everyone faces in recruiting: poorly written vacancies. The main feature that the system offers is the ability to identify patterns in the language, helping the company better communicate with candidates and thereby improve business results. Textio Hire shows you words you need to use to attract people you want to hire, using language that reflects the very best of your values and culture.

Hero jobs

If you use Instagram, you probably know that Stories are very popular now. To everyone’s surprise, Stories captured not only social networks and messengers but also working applications. How about sending short video messages instead of annoying cover letters? Recruiters will be able to attach short, minute-long videos about their company and upcoming tasks to each candidate, thereby strengthening their HR brand.

Academy Ocean

All this became real with
Heroes Job app. It is positioning itself as a platform where students can find
internships and a first place to work, and startups will select young talented
employees who are open to novelties and an informal style of communication.

The best way to onboard a
new employee in the first month is to make the onboarding process automated.
Have you noticed that recently medium and large enterprises started creating
and using employee onboarding academies? With the help of AcademyOcean, you
will be able to create such an academy. 

Employee onboarding academies are sort of closed portals where the knowledge is stored. Academy may contain both formal information (description of basic processes, checklists, and instructions) and essentials for a beginner – mission and vision of the company, corporate culture, traditions, etc.

If you count the company’s expenses for the onboarding of each newcomer one-on-one, you will get a considerable amount. Automated onboarding academies will help save a sufficient number of person-hours.

Crystal Knows

It is a super handy extension for Google Chrome, which will help you find an individual approach to each candidate. It analyzes the profile and activity of the candidate on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Consequently, it tells how to address him better and what content of the letter he will appreciate. You can also have a grasp of the type of person’s personality and his preferences and fears.


Sounds good, right?

With this application, you will never forget what the name of the new employee is, what your boss’s niece loves and when you need to congratulate your colleagues. You can add information from any device, view your “database” before meetings and receive notifications, so you don’t miss anything.  


Krisp allows you to
minimize ambient noise during voice and video calls. This free application
works with Skype, Slack, Zoom and many other services for online calls and

Using this application it will not be a problem to handle an interview at the airport or on the street. 

Block Clock

It is one more extension for Google Chrome that
blocks the social network for 25 minutes. It saves on days when it is very
difficult to concentrate on work.

So, here were seven tools that will definitely make HR’s life easier. I think everyone will find some useful apps for themselves to optimize their working processes and to make their work more pleasant and productive. 

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