Monday January 20, 2020

Payroll tech trends guaranteed to boost employee experience

Is your company evolving with the technology and payroll policies that support the way today’s employees want to be paid? Payroll tech trends play a significant role in the employee experience, from payment-on-demand to GDRP compliance for the growing remote workforce. The way people are paid and how companies keep deductions correct today is a […]

Resolve to achieve good health and excel in 2020!

Is today’s corporate environment conducive to good health and happiness? It doesn’t appear that way. Approximately 80% of companies with 1000+ employees offer wellness solutions for their teams, and another 33% of companies with 50-100 employees offer the same.  Yet, medical claims are on the rise, employees are experiencing grave amounts of stress, and younger […]

Letter from a disgruntled ex-employee? How to respond

When you terminate an employee and they leave quietly without incident, you may think that’ll be the end of it. But “vent letters,” messages in which ex-employees air all their grievances, are becoming increasingly common — and it’s important to know how to respond. Take complaints seriously A few old employees might just want to […]

Why automating onboarding can help retain top talent

Employees are an indispensable resource – and in this competitive hiring market, companies can’t afford turnover. So now more than ever, businesses must work on retaining their best employees to ensure they’re running as effectively and efficiently as possible.  There are many ways companies can do this, but getting started out of the gate with […]

The new war for talent: Why you should consider offering benefits to freelancers

The growing war for talent , especially millennial talent, is prompting employers to get creative and offer a new wave of benefits like pet insurance, telemedicine and college loan repayments. Unfortunately, the fastest-growing part of the employment economy, freelance and contract workers, almost always find themselves left out of that conversation.  The latest Freelancing In […]

Sexual harassment training: Does your state have a new law?

In the wake of #MeToo, where does your state stand on the expanded sexual harassment training trend that’s starting to spread to more workplaces? New York’s become the latest state to require firms to not only educate staff on harassment, but make it easy to find and file complaint forms. Newest state laws In the […]

Managing office holiday party risks: Mistletoe no-no’s

The office holiday party season is in full swing. And employers who don’t want to suffer the old adage that “no good deed goes unpunished” would be wise to manage holiday party risks by considering these key suggestions from an employment law expert. Control Alcohol Service and Consumption Inebriated office colleagues at a party pose […]

Riot Games settles ‘bro culture’ gender bias claim for $10M

All it took was an exposé, two lawsuits alleging gender bias, sexual harassment and wrongful termination; a walkout and a class-action on behalf of its female employees. But video games maker Riot Games has committed to fundamentally changing a sexist “men first” workplace culture where women were routinely subjected to harassment and inappropriate behavior. And […]

5 Ways to Fine Tune Talent Acquisition with an Eye on Recession

Will the global economy go into recession in 2020? That’s the worry on so many minds. News headlines reflect that concern with stories of trade disputes and that wonky-sounding inverted yield curve. The validity of those fears is underscored by data from experts, such as the UN’s trade and development body, which recently revealed in […]

How 2020 will reshape HR’s role: 5 trends to watch for

With 2019 winding down, HR pros are all wondering what new workplace trends 2020 will bring. Well, look no further! The experts at Glassdoor have answers for you in their Jobs & Hiring Trends for 2020 report. Here’s what Glassdoor says you can expect to see in the new year. 1. AI will play a […]