The Human Resources department is supposed to be the center of effective communication and employee engagement, but an eye-opening new report reveals many employees feel HR is anything but.

The report, which was conducted by mobile app provider EmployeeChannel, Inc., was titled “What Every Employee Wants From Their HR Team.” It polled three different U.S. worker segments — office workers, nondesktop (manufacturing, warehouse, etc.) and remoteworkers.

While those conducting the study expected the three different worker groups to have significantly different opinions, the groups all seem to share a common view on the importance of HR and where it is falling short.

As EmployeeChannel CEO Steve L. Adams put it:

“It turns out that — regardless of their work environment — people are just people when it comes to communication. They all highly value communication from HR and would benefit from a new digital approach to employee communication.”

Only 16% feel engaged

Some of the highlights from the EmployeeChannel research:

  • Just 16% of workers from all three segments said HR made them feel “connected and engaged”
  • Almost half of employees from all three demographics said they were “neutral, disagree or strongly disagreed” that the HR team’s communication efforts made them feel more informed or engaged at work
  • 75% of all employee groups said HR communicates with them “never or rarely” or only “sometimes.”

All of the employee groups from the report also listed “open communication to all employees” as the number two initiative they wished their employer would focus on more, after “positive recognition.”

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