It would be hard to NOT bring this guy in for at least an interview, right? 

Introducing Brennan Gleason, a Web and graphic designer. He is also a smart man — and a beer lover.

Just before graduating from the University of the Fraser Valley, the school threw down a challenge to some of its students: Create a self-promotion.

Challenge accepted!

Gleason combined his two passions — design and home brewing — and landed a job with his finished product.

He called it “Résum-Ale.” (Note: You’ll want to click this link to check out the photos.)

It was a four-pack of beer with his resume printed right on the packaging. The four-sleeve cardboard box displayed a brief intro to Gleason. Then, on each of the four bottles, he displayed a different example of his work, accompanied by a QR code that a recruiter could scan to get more info.

The project took him seven weeks to complete — because he had to do the brewing, which produced a blonde beer.

He then sent the resume off to, not bars or breweries, but graphic design firms.

Gleason told The Huffington Post he only had to send three out before landing a job.

The reason he thinks he landed a job so quickly was because his resume was nontraditional, which can pay dividends, especially in the design field.

He told HuffPost:

“I think it’s mostly just because it’s different from a traditional resume. As designers, we’re always trying to show off our creativity. That’s the first impression these companies see.”

Some places where his resume likely wouldn’t fly:

  • The Department of Transportation
  • Police departments
  • Rehab facilities, and
  • Religious organizations.

But in just about every other part of the working world, who wouldn’t want to at least bring a fellow like this in for an interview. At the very least, it could result in a few more happy hour libations.

One thing’s for sure, Gleason would’ve done well at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

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