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The American Society of Clinical Oncology, Union for International Cancer Control, and American Cancer Society are banding together to respond to the ongoing cancer epidemic currently taking place in many low-income and middle-income countries.

Many countries are experiencing an outbreak of cancer, but have a shortage of qualified oncologists and limited access to necessary cancer treatments, screening services, and palliative care.

The three organizations are urging local, national, and international officials to recognize the ongoing cancer epidemic, identify new ways to treat the root causes of cancer, and support better treatment options.

“Cancer affects people from all walks of life, and from every corner of the globe,” ACS CEO John R. Seffin, PhD, said in a statement. “Only together can we ensure cancer and other NCDs are recognized as an imminent health challenge, and are seriously addressed as a development, health, and equity issue.”

Here are some facts about cancer throughout the world:

  • About 7.6 million people die from cancer each year.
  • Cancer cases are expected to increase from 12.7 million during 2008 to more than 20 million by 2030.
  • The majority of cancer cases are found in low-income and middle-income countries.
  • Cancer and other non-communicable diseases are responsible for roughly 36 million deaths every year, or 63 percent of all deaths throughout the world.

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