Nobody likes change. And when new policies go into effect, it can be tough to get everyone through the transition stress-free.

Employees will naturally have a lot of questions and concerns. But there are ways you can make the process run as smoothly as possible.

The more info, the better

KnowTechie, a business and technology blog, shared some pointers on how to get your employees on board with major policy changes.

1. Lead with how the changes benefit them. There’s no denying that policy changes can complicate things and cause a lot of confusion. One tactic to soften the blow is starting the conversation in a positive light. Before speaking to employees about the changes, look at it from their perspective and see what elements of the policy staff would consider a positive thing.

2. Explain the reasons behind the changes. Many employees won’t be happy with just knowing the basics. They want the “what” along with the “why.” Even if employees are upset with the changes, they’ll understand why the new policies were necessary if you give them all the information.

That being said, if a certain incident sparked a new policy, try not to point fingers at anyone. If it’s unavoidable, focus on the worker’s actions, not them personally.

3. Ask for feedback. Employees may have a lot of opinions about the changes, and will feel the need to express them. Make sure your staff knows how you’re accepting feedback. Not only will employee comments help the process go more smoothly, but they’ll feel respected and valued that you want to hear from them.

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