Each year, we gather the 10 stories that have gotten the most attention from HRMorning readers. Here’s the lineup for 2012.

EEOC mandates new rules on background checks

The EEOC’s recent guidance concerning employers’ use of criminal background checks on job applicants comes down to two words: Individual assessment.

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The common FMLA policy that EEOC is investigating

A troubling new trend in employment law is about to bite a lot of unaware employers in the rear. That’s because a lot of FMLA leave cases are automatically becoming ADA cases when the employee has exhausted all possible leave and is still unable to return to work.

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CEOs give HR a dose of tough love

Brace yourself. You’re about to read an unvarnished account of what top execs detest about HR people.

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Feds put stamp of approval on this social media policy

Here’s a nice change: The NLRB’s most recent memo on social media policies carries some clear-cut guidance companies can actually use.

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Massive study shows true return on wellness plan investment

Upper management is rarely willing to sink money into wellness ideas that are based on conclusions drawn from a single survey or two, and for good reason. But it’s hard to ignore this data that shows a whopping return on investment (ROI) for wellness initiatives.

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Team-building exercise that’ll bring out the worst in people

This has to be the worst team-building exercise ever.

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HR’s new legal headache: Personal devices at work

The risks involved in allowing staffers to use their personal smartphones and tablets for work are more than just an IT issue. Here’s why it’s time for HR to pay attention to the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon.

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The most overrated trait of the decade

Was there really ever a time when people felt loyal to their employers? And is loyalty actually what you’re looking for?

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Huh? NLRB rules it was OK for employee to lie during workplace investigation

The National Labor Relations Board strikes again. Now it wants to control how employers handle offensive and threatening language in the workplace — and says that sometimes, employees have a right to lie to their superiors.

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FMLA: 13 ways to stop intermittent-leave abuse

Intermittent FMLA leave has rapidly become the No. 1 nightmare for supervisors everywhere. A top employment lawyer offers a multi-step approach that’ll help companies legally discourage abuse.

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