This female supervisor took offensive text messages to a whole new level in this case.    (Warning: Graphic content ahead.)

Vittorio Froncillo was hired by Contemporary Services Corp. (CSC) to handle crowd control and security at events, concerts and games.

But two months after he was hired, Froncillo resigned — and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against CSC.

Why? Froncillo pointed to one person: his supervisor Cara Muhlenbruch.

‘Women have special powers’

Froncillo said that throughout his employment, he’d been sexually harassed by Muhlenbruch, a woman 10 years his senior to whom he wasn’t attracted.

Muhlenbruch’s harassment included sending him 35 sexually vulgar and offensive text messages. Froncillo deleted the first 31 of these messages — but he saved the last, which read as follows:

  • “Women have special powers. They get wet without water, bleed without injury, make boneless things hard, make n—-s eat without even cooking.”
  • “Luv cake recipe: Spread legs. Squeeze milk jugs. Insert firm banana. Work in ‘n’ out till well-creamed cake is done when banana is soft.”
  • “Watz wrong with yo phone? Every time call, it says subscriber you are tryin’ to reach is currently suckin’ d–k. Please try again later.”
  • “Breaking news. A very dangerous d–k sucka has escaped. To keep yo man, all women please put yo man d–k in yo mouth until further notice.”

Why didn’t he go to someone else?

Froncillo told Muhlenbruch more than once not to send him sexual text messages. Muhlenbruch continued to do so.

So why didn’t Froncillo didn’t complain to anyone at CSC besides Muhlenbruch? Muhlenbruch said other CSC employees had complained about her before — and those complainers were no longer working for CSC.

Froncillo concluded that if he complained about her conduct, he’d be fired, too.

In addition, he was unsure who to complain to about being sexually harassed by a supervisor, even though he acknowledged receiving a copy of CSC’s sexual harassment policy, which explained the procedure.

When Froncillo resigned, he gave CSC’s branch manager his resignation letter, which asserted that Muhlenbruch had sexually harassed him throughout his employment.

Company sinks in court

Guess what? A jury ruled in favor of Froncillo, saying Froncillo:

  • was subjected to unwanted harassing conduct due to his gender
  • the harassment was severe
  • a reasonable person would have considered the work  environment hostile or abusive, and
  • the harassing conduct was a substantial  factor in causing harm to Froncillo.

The case is Froncillo v. Contemporary Services Corp. 

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