Chris Ferdinand of Renegade HR recently published a terrific collection of short, actionable things HR can and should do in 2010. With contributions from various leaders and writers in the HR space, Do Amazing Things is a terrific, quick read in its entirety, but I’d like to highlight just a few:

Lance Haun from Rehaul says: “I’ve worked with quite a few top performers in many different settings from every possible department. The one thing all of them had in common? They all made their co-workers and cross-departmental colleagues look like rock stars too.”

Be sure to pause and thank others for making you look like a star.

Paul Hebert from I2I says: “Employee survey after employee survey shows that recognition is a key driver of employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. Knowing that recognition is such a powerful driver now is the time to stand up and Recognize and Represent. … In 2010, make it your mission to create a culture of recognition within your organization.”

Couldn’t agree more, Paul. Excellent advice.

Nathaniel Rottenberg from Rypple says: “Feedback is a critical component in motivating and developing employees, and is essential for attracting and retaining high performers. Organizations that don’t foster feedback-centric cultures will ultimately fail.”

What’s the most powerfully engaging managerial style? One that focuses on employee strengths. The least engaging? One that ignores employees entirely.

China Gorman of SHRM says: “”You’re the expert. Make recommendations. Execute plans. Link your goals to the business plan. Measure your results.”

Now is the time to start. Offer solutions that deliver real results in better performance targeted to your needs, greater productivity and bottom-line improvements.

Read through Do Amazing Things, then tell me what would you add to the list?

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