Employer-sponsored wellness programs are meant to improve employees’ lives, but many companies have trouble getting workers to sign up and stick with these health-based programs.  

According to Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company, 52.6% of employers surveyed by the company said lack of participation is the biggest problem facing employee wellness programs.

To help with this issue, Limeade has compiled a report and infographic (below) about how to keep employee interest thriving.

Incentives and integration

Some highlights from the Limeade report include:

  • 64.6% of employers see incentives as the most important factor to a successful wellness program
  • Integrating wellness programs with other HR initiatives has been proven to increase employee participation, and
  • 44% of employees surveyed said thinking about work keeps them up at night.

Here’s more:

limeade-wellness-game-how-to-engage-employees-972px (1)

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