Every HR pro’s been here before: You find a candidate with all the right qualifications, only to have them slip away right before closing the deal. 

After having done your best to woo them and offer a strong salary, you can be left scratching your head, wondering what you could’ve done differently.

Changing strategies

Most HR pros have spent a great deal of time revamping their recruitment strategy in this candidate-driven job market, so it can be frustrating to continue to lose out on top talent.
To combat this, successful companies are turning toward unique perks to seal the deal and sign a great candidate.

So what kind of unconventional benefits are job seekers looking for the most?

A recent report by FitSmallBusiness revealed the best unique perks, ranked by what candidates desire most, that employers might want to consider implementing in 2019:

1. “Paw-ternity” leave. With more and more people putting off having children and getting fur babies instead, offering “paw-ternity” leave – time away from work to get a new pet settled in – will appeal to almost everyone.

Currently, only about 5% of companies offer this perk, with an average leave time of one week for a new furry friend. Adding this benefit is a great way to woo animal lovers.

2. Fertility treatment coverage. Over 6 million women in the U.S. have difficulty getting pregnant on their own. Offering help with fertility treatments can change your employees’ lives for the better.

FertilityIQ conducted a study and found 62% of employees who received this perk were more likely to stay at their company, and 22% actually worked harder.

3. Life coaching and counseling. It’s no secret that employees’ mental health is just as important as their physical health. Having counseling and coaching services readily available will help support your people no matter what they’re going through.

Some types of these services companies currently offer include outside counseling, healthy living programs and work-life coaching that helps employees with both personal and professional goals. A perk like this will ensure your people come to work ready to focus.

4. International retreats. Here’s a fun spin on your run-of-the-mill team-building exercise. Full blown companywide vacations are becoming a more popular perk.

About 20% of companies offer a domestic retreat, but a few are taking it international. Not only does this benefit give your staff the opportunity to travel, but it’ll improve your employees’ professional relationships at the same time.

5. In-office drinks. It’s easy for co-worker bonding to happen over a few beers. One big up-and-coming perk is free in-office alcohol.

About 11% of employees currently enjoy this perk, and it can lead to a happier, connected workforce that’s more dedicated to the company.

6. Wellness services. Employees regularly deal with stress, so some companies are offering relief through on-site wellness services and spas.

Yoga, massages and acupuncture are just some options employers are offering their staff, who greatly appreciate the relaxation.

7. Nap rooms. Tired employees cause a whopping $63 billion in lost productivity. Napping areas are a great way to assist workers who struggle to get in their full eight hours every night.

Google is known for its nap pods, which staff can use on their breaks. Nap rooms are a great option for companies with overnight staff, too. An important aspect of this benefit is creating a culture that encourages napping so employees can take advantage of this benefit guilt free.

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