With companies slowly starting to reopen their doors, many business owners aren’t sure what to expect.

How long will it take for sales to return to normal? Will remote work become a permanent measure?

The fact of the matter is, most businesses won’t be able to return to work as normal, and leaders will have to rethink the old ways of doing things.

Out with the old

But instead of stressing out about all the necessary changes, Bill Higgs, founder and CEO of Mustang Engineering, says companies should embrace this opportunity and improve on things that were never really working in the first place.

According to Higgs, many companies — even before the pandemic — had culture or communication issues that have been preventing them from prospering.

Now’s a great time to improve on these processes and come out of the pandemic strong.

  1. Leaders need to be a visible presence. Don’t hide behind closed office doors as you struggle to right the ship. Managers should be communicating face-to-face with their employees as much as possible. This will not only engage your team, but reassure them you have a plan.
  2. Use this opportunity to hire. With so many unemployed people desperately needing jobs, you’ll have a larger candidate pool than usual to choose from. Now’s your chance to be picky and build a team of top talent.
  3. Don’t stop moving forward. Once your business begins to recover from the pandemic, don’t relax. Keep pushing to become even more productive and efficient. Don’t revert back into old habits once times are good again.

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