In the age of telecommuting and virtual interviews, it can be difficult to effectively get your message across or get to know someone through a computer screen.

And thanks to the pandemic, many companies are being forced
to woo talent they can’t meet in person. This can be a tricky task to
accomplish over a Zoom meeting.

Communicating nonverbally

However, there are some easy ways to impress candidates just through your body language alone.

Here are six tips from Marcel Schwantes, chief human officer
of Leadership From The Core.

1. Look at the camera. When video chatting, a lot of people tend to stare at themselves or the image of the person they’re talking to. Don’t do either – look at the camera in order to maintain eye contact.

2. Use good posture. Sit up straight in a chair instead of slouching on the couch. Good posture shows the candidate you’re alert and engaged.

3. Lean forward slightly. Don’t get too close to the camera, but leaning forward slightly while the candidate is speaking can show your interest in what they’re saying. Stay about an arm’s length away from the camera.

4. Cut back on gesturing. On the small computer screen, gesturing can be particularly distracting. Try to keep your hand movements to a minimum.

5. Don’t cross your arms. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides – folding your arms can come across as grumpy or hostile.

6. Nod and smile genuinely. It’s important to silently acknowledge what the candidate is saying, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much nodding or smiling can come across as disingenuous.

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