I am quite excited to announce the coming availability of Winning with a Culture of Recognition: Recognition Strategies at the World’s Most Admired Companies, a new book co-authored by Eric Mosley, Globoforce’s CEO, and me.

In Winning with a Culture of Recognition, Eric and I look at why only 25% of employees choose to truly engage in their work – because most managers fail to recognize high performance and connect it with company culture. For the first time, employee appreciation emerges as a sound management method that moves recognition from anecdotal morale-booster to data-driven business discipline.

In today’s economic environment, compensation is only part of the employment contract. Employees need to know their efforts are valuable and that they are contributing to achieving the company’s changing strategic objectives. And they want to know their company actually lives the values displayed on the plaque on the wall. Seeing these values come alive in their own work and the work of their colleagues, then being able to recognize and appreciate peers for demonstrating these values, is critical for increased performance and productivity.

Strategic recognition programs are the key for employers who need to create a culture of appreciation, recognition, and reward, giving executives the tools to create and manage a culture of appreciation for competitive advantage.

In Part I of Winning with a Culture of Recognition, we dissect the powerful link between recognition and culture, how you can use recognition to manipulate your company culture, and the difference between strategic recognition efforts and the more common tactical recognition and incentive efforts many companies still use today.

In Part II, we give you the practical steps to build a strategic recognition practice and ensure program success.

Check out a review of our book in SHRM’s HR Magazine (subscription required).

Winning with a Culture of Recognition is available for pre-order today. Stay tuned during the next several weeks for a few key excerpts from the book.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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